girl, girl, girl . . .
2012 bagworms, fabric, HD video(5min. 39sec. / 9:16), photo (fresco giclee, 770×770mm each of 3, 145×145mm diptych each of 10)

This is a series of works based on the experiment of making pieces of clothing from pieces of material from women’s clothing, and giving them to bagworms to use as their protective cases. Male bagworms leave their protective cases when they become adults, and become moths. However female bagworms remain in their protective cases for their whole lives and wait for the male bagworms. Though the gender issue is meant to have changed in our generation, why is it that women still make much more effort than men concerning their appearances. I spent two years raising the bagworms and making this piece. I made this piece to be premiered in a exhibit at a department store, which sells lots of women’s fashion goods, as a kind of commentary on clothes and women’s fashion. Cutting pieces of colored paper into fine strips and giving them to bagworms to make their protective cases from is a traditional game that Japanese children have been playing over the years.

人間の女の子の洋服をミノムシに纏わせたシリーズ。様々な女性服のコーディネートから、その洋服の一部を切り取り、ミノムシに与えると、ミノムシは自らのミノをつくりあげる。 ミノムシのオスは成長すると、ミノを出てガとして飛び立って行くが、ミノムシのメスは一生をミノの中で過ごし、オスの飛来を待ち続ける。この習性に、自身の体験が重なるように思えた。現代の日本において、男女の力学は変化しているはずだが、それでも女性の方がよりオシャレをするのは何故か。 細く切った色紙などをミノムシに与えてミノを作らせる、日本に古くからある子供の遊びを元にしている。

digest movie of the work "girl, girl, girl . . . "